20+ years of experience 


EXIMPROD is a Romanian group of companies focusing most of its activities in the energy sector. The main company in the group, Eximprod Grup SRL was founded in 1994 as a privately-held and operated stock company. Its headquarters are in Buzau, 100 km north-east of Bucharest.
Over the years, Eximprod Grup has grown to become one of the most important player in the Romanian market of products, equipment and services for T&D and renewable energy development sector. Currently, Eximprod has more than 350 employees, over 39 million Euro turnover, 4 factories producing more than 300 product types with over 4000 constructive options, dedicated business units for SCADA projects, turnkey projects, electrical design and wind and solar park development, offices in 11 cities in Romania and Germany and is a dynamic actor in the European market. Eximprod Grup’s major timeline milestones find a correspondent in our turnover evolution and employee numbers. Over the years, Eximprod has continuously invested and developed new business areas leading to an increasingly important hold of market share.

1994 Eximprod Grup is founded in Buzău, Romania. Eximprod starts manufacturing low voltage electrical equipment
1998 Eximprod enters the medium voltage equipment market as a distributor
1999Eximprod receives the gold medal – Invention Fair EUREKA 1999 – Brusselles
2000Eximprod starts manufacturing medium voltage (20kV) composite insulators
2001Eximprod starts manufacturing high voltage (110 – 400 kV) composite insulators
2002Eximprod starts manufacturing composite railway insulators (25 kV)
2003Eximprod enters the Renewable Energy sector by commisioning Topolog Wind Park (Stage 1), the first wind turbine operational in Romania. Topolog wind park is operated by Eximprod since.  Eximprod starts manufacturing the 24kV MCOV polymer housed surge arresters class 1 and class 2 per IEC and also the 24 kV outdoor switch disconectors with composite insulators.
2005  The Electrical Design and Turnkey Projects Business Unit is founded in Bacau, Romania. The SCADA Business Unit is founded in Bucharest, Romania.
2008Eximprod starts manufacturing 110 kV interphase spacers.
2010Eximprod starts manufacturing 110 kV composite station post insulators.
2011Increasing demand for high voltage insulators and overhead medium/high voltage switches determines Eximprod to extend the Ceptura, Prahova factory. Eximprod starts manufacturing 123 kV disconnectors. Eximprod develops 3 wind power projects: Corni (70MW), Băleni (50MW), Topolog (27 MW)
2012Eximprod commissions its own Dispatch for Alternative Energies in Bacau. The 70MW Corni Eolian wind park is the first served client.
2013Eximprod is extending export operations. Customers from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and South-East Asia are served with distribution railroad products. Eximprod develops 3 solar PV projects: Stâlpu 1 (5MW), Stâlpu 2 (5,5 MW), Ciorani (65 MW).
2014Eximprod is the first company in Romania qualified by ANRE (Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy) to issue A3 type certificates of conformity for renewable farms.
2015Eximprod started manufacturing 123/145 kV SF6 circuit breakers, current and voltage instrument transformers. 123/145 kV disconnectors are also in Eximprod portfolio since 2011. Thus, Eximprod is one of the only five European companies and the only one Romanian manufacturer that produces a full range of 123/145 kV.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


To become the number one supplier in our customers’ preferences and constantly create new opportunities for growth of our business.

To provide competitive, efficient, reliable solutions for power T&D and develop strong long-term relationships with all our stakeholders.

Our values
Our core values guide our vision. Each of our core values is interconnected creating an organizational environment that enables us to achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals and accordingly become EximPROUD.

  • P - Performance & Passion
  • R - Respect & Responsibility
  • O - Optimism
  • U - Unity
  • D - Dedication si Dynamism

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Code of Ethics and Conduct 

Code of Ethics and Conduct EXIMPROD
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