Eximprod Grup started the Wind Park development business in 2003, when it commissioned its own Vestas V52 wind turbine in Topolog, Tulcea area. This pilot project allowed us to gain the necessary experience to become one the most important players in the field. In 2012, Eximprod started the development of Solar PV Projects. Currently, we have developed several wind and solar parks which total about 400 MW in different stages of development. Furthermore, in 2014, we became the first company in Romania certified by ANRE (Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy) for the testing and certification of renewable energy projects (A3 Certification).

As general contractor for the cogeneration plant commissioned in 2010 in Buzau, a system that uses two 3MW GE Jenbacher engines, EXIMPROD built together with local authorities a modern central providing heating, hot water and electricity for the city of Buzau, Romania.

EXIMPROD has built a strong expertise in Permitting and Authorizing renewable energy projects. Our main competencies include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Measurement (partnership with Al-Pro Germany)
  • Land Acquisition
  • Studies for Grid Connection
  • Geological Studies
  • Environment Studies
  • Documentation for Building Permit
  • Yield Prognosis
  • Electrical Design
  • SCADA Systems

In addition, we also provide services and solutions for Renewable Energy Projects during the operational phase:

  • Energy trading, through a specialized entity, EFE Energy, which has the capacity to manage trading of energy and green certificates;
  • Dispatching, through our dispatch center, located in Bacau, which serves clients since 2012.
  • Forecasting. We can provide a full range of forecasting services for wind and solar PV projects.
  • O&M. We can manage everything from cutting of the grass and visual inspections up to monitoring the system and on-site interventions.
  • Project Management. We can take over the entire operational management of the project.