Founded in 1994
Eximprod was founded in 1994, in Buzau. The company motto was: "Modern solutions together!"
The beginnings consisted of research and development activities followed by manufacturing, preparation, and testing. The production of low voltage electrical equipment begins in 1995, also building the first production space in Merei, Buzău county.
The first product was the 45 A clamp - an absolute innovation for the distribution of electricity in Romania.
In the late '90's the foundations of the Eximprod culture are set, oriented towards understanding customer problems, developing intuitive and innovative products, paying attention to the quality of the products in all their life stages. The promotion of new design solutions required the provision of training, assistance and maintenance services.
By the end of the first 5 years of activity, the team was eight times bigger than the one from the beginning and Eximprod had 165 products in its portfolio. This is the period when the ISO 9001 Quality Management System was implemented.
The expansion continues with the second factory, in Ceptura, Prahova, where it starts manufacturing high voltage (110 - 400 kV) composite insulators. Soon after, the portfolio was extended with composite railway insulators (25 kV).
Purchase of the 660 kW Vestas V47 wind turbine and its installation in Topolog, Tulcea. The first wind turbine in Romania was starting to produce green energy and writing history in the field of renewable electricity. The first Green Certificates were thus issued by the transmission system operator for our project.
Subsequently, we started the development of several projects for the production of electricity from renewable sources, in two geographical areas with important wind resources of Romania: Dobrogea and Southern Moldova.
The extent that the renewable energy sector has known has determined us to become in 2014, the first company in Romania certified by ANRE for issuing type A3 energy compliance certificates for renewable energy parks.
The department of automation and intelligent networks is founded in Bucharest, and the department of electrical design and turnkey projects starts in Buzău.
The automation department and smart grids prove to be an important player in the automation of the energy distribution market. Successfully implementing complex solutions using new software and hardware technologies.
This is the moment when Eximprod has transformed from a company focused exclusively on the production of equipment into a company that offers complex solutions, thus completing the portfolio of competencies in the adjacent engineering fields: electrical installations design and SCADA systems
Increasing demand for high-voltage insulators and high-voltage circuit breakers has led to the expansion of the Ceptura, Prahova plant by the creation of the second production hall and a metrological certified laboratory for electrical testing of IT products, the only one in Romania for the last 30 years.
Eximprod begins manufacturing 123 kV disconnectors and subsequently completes the portfolio with the SF6 123/145 kV circuit breakers and 123 kV current and voltage measurement transformers.
The company develops 3 wind energy projects: Corni (70 MW), Baleni (50 MW), Topolog (27 MW).
Development of ES200 over CISCO IR809 series, fourth-generation IoT RTU gateway for control, measurement, and supervision in power distribution systems which has key applications in the distribution of energy, wind, and photovoltaic power plants, cogeneration, gas turbines, and hydropower plants.

2016 is also the year when Eximprod has developed a strong dedicated product design team in order to be able to continuously develop new products and upgrade the existing. The team uses state of the art technologies and concepts to deliver the best designs and projects for substations and overhead lines associated with Power Generation, Transport and Distribution for levels up to 400kV.
The company celebrates 25 years of activity, in the position of market leader in Romania and with a solid reputation abroad. With a portfolio of products, equipment and services in continuous development is always one step ahead of the market, anticipating the demand and the challenges of the industrial revolution. Eximprod is supported by an enthusiastic and devoted team, being involved in social responsibility projects.