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Enlit Europe 2022

Data: 17.11.22

Categorie: Energy ES200 Innovation IoT Smart Grid

Smart grids use digital technologies and IoT solutions to intelligently respond and adapt to changes in the grid. Using modern […]

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Date 11.10.22

Category Energy ES200 High Voltage Innovation

Between October 18-20, Eximprod will be an exhibitor at the 6th edition of the Regional South-East European Conference 2022, which […]

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(Română) “PUZ – Construire centrala electrica fotovoltaica cu stocare – Merei”

Date 10.10.22

Category Energy Innovation Renewable Turnkey Projects

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

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Date 27.09.22


We are excited to be part of the INMR WORLD CONGRESS, a skills-building and technical enrichment event for #engineers and […]

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Eximprod has a new address

Starting August 1st, our headquarters has a new location. All the Eximprod companies are now located in Buzau Business Center, […]

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Eximprod Grup S.A. has been renamed Eximprod Engineering S.A.

Date 10.01.22

Category Energy Management

Eximprod Grup S.A. has been renamed Eximprod Engineering S.A. Eximprod is a group of companies specialized in several areas of […]

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IoT with a focus on industrial IoT

Date 04.12.20

Category Energy ES200 Innovation IoT

Digitalization involves using technology to change a particular business model and to bring added value, additional revenue, and new opportunities […]

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3D Design

Date 24.11.20

Category CSR Design and Consulting Energy Innovation

We start the first phase of any project in the electrical design department. We were curious and asked our colleagues […]

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Design and consulting

Date 13.11.20

Category CSR Design and Consulting Energy

Design is the first phase of the project, and Eximprod has a design and consulting department recognized for professionalism. Execution […]

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Date 10.11.20

Category CSR Innovation IoT

Eximprod supports the online event Grid Integration of Electric Mobility Forum organized by The Diplomat Bucharest. Reducing global greenhouse gas […]

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