Social Responsability

Sustainable Development Goals

The underlying values of our organization govern our vision and contribute to   Eximprod’s long term business success. They also enable us to create the perfect environment which allows us to reach ambitious objectives and be recognized for our achievements, initiatives as well as an ethical and responsible way of doing business.

Eximprod recognizes that being a leading company in the energy sector is a great responsibility and it is important that we maintain our activity and business conduct at the highest standards. We know that the viability of our business is closely linked to the confidence and trust of our clients.

Having said that, for the year 2020 Eximprod Group has developed a sustainable development strategy based on two major points: the company strategy for 2020-2025 and sustainable business development goals according to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Objectives

Our team members are Eximprod’s most valuable asset, therefore we focus on creating a healthy and safe work environment through a proactive elimination of hazards and reduction of risks of injury and occupational diseases. Eximprod undertakes to create a work environment by encouraging multidirectional communication and gender equality.

Our client-focused culture is embedded throughout our company to provide superior products and services which in turn would generate maximum productivity and great solutions for our clients.

Eximprod recognizes that digitalization is the key element at all levels and for the entire activities of a company. We believe that progress springs from ideas and collaboration for innovation (co-creation) and is supported with values such as trust, responsibility, and proactivity.  By implementing training programs, we support innovation and knowledge transfer, while helping talented employees to grow and reach maximum capacity as well as discovering future performers.

We aim to continue developing a portfolio of products and services that support easy access to sustainable and affordable energy.

Our objectives are to provide safe and environmentally friendly products and services and to conduct our operations responsibly.

To ensure that our products are safe and meet the highest standards we adopted the in-house approach. The main concern is having a low impact on the environment when it comes to our manufacturing and designing activities.

Also, our purpose is for our suppliers to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Pollution prevention, resource conservation, and waste reduction are other important directions of action for the group. We hope to accelerate progress in this regard throughout our supply chain for the way reusable materials are managed, setting a zero-waste target.

One of our core goals is to reduce the carbon footprint over the next five years: therefore, we dedicate ourselves to making energy consumption more efficient in our units, investing in concepts capable of energy conservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and offering our customers energy-efficient products, equipment, and solutions. These directions of action that we propose are opportunities that help us to have a positive impact on our business, society, and the environment – in a balanced and integrated way.

We are committed to motivating each employee to understand and support this policy and to participate in the programs initiated to ensure that our goals are their own. We will work alongside government, non-governmental and community suppliers, partners, customers, and organizations to protect and improve health, technological progress, and environmental protection.

We are committed to contributing to a world where energy is always in the service of people!