Industry Specific Solutions

Business Areas

Eximprod offers the best-performing products, services, and solutions for the energy industry. Using our expertise and knowledge, we cover essential industries: power transmission and distribution, renewable energy, Edge Computing, rail transport, e-mobility, and the food industry

Power Transmission

Energy transport systems are constantly changing to meet the growing needs of the energy market: reliability, loss reductions and connection with renewable energies. Eximprod offers solutions for these needs through the products and equipment tested in laboratories accredited ISO17025 and that meet the EN / IEC norms.

Power Distribution

Energy distribution systems undergo major changes to adapt to alternative sources of electricity generation and to develop network detection capabilities that have traditionally been quite limited. Eximprod offers a combination of products for predictive and corrective maintenance, as well as new strategies for network planning and automation. We offer safety, control, and protection through our products: bypass connectors, distribution boxes, control and protection panels, insulators, clips, and separators.


Renewable resources are the future of the energy industry. Eximprod gained the necessary experience to become one of the most important players in the field by developing wind and solar parks
The company offers solutions through wind measurements and studies, projects and the installation works carried out.


Electrified railways play an important role in reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions. Eximprod has a range of products for railways: composite insulators for anchoring and console line of 27.5kv AC, composite insulators 3kv DC, composite insulators for separators and complete console systems for 3 kV DC and 27.5 kV AC.

Edge Computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered a tool that could bring great opportunities for energy reduction, accurate monitoring, and control of a large variety of data. Eximprod incorporates this instrument in a balanced and efficient product, ES200.

Food and Beverages

The food industry is full of challenges and rigid regulations, the manufacturing processes in the industry must be monitored very closely to comply with the state regulations. Eximprod has found a solution to these challenges: a 4th generation ES200 (IoT), control, monitoring, and data acquisition.


Transport accounts for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and is essential for climate change mitigation efforts. E-Mobility is the solution. It is an industry of the future, at the beginning of the road that ensures cleaner mobility, low-noise operation and low cost.