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Design and Consulting


Eximprod Design and Consulting team was established in 2006 and has specialized continuously developing complex projects such as the implementation of a communications system in high voltage stations; EMS / DMS SCADA systems; 70MW Eolian Park; the 50MW Eolian Park Baleni or Photovoltaic Power Plants Stâlpu SP: 2×2.5MW and SC: 2×2.5MW.

Today, the number of design services contracts concluded and delivered by our team, amounts to 162, out of which: 63 electrical stations and over 90 substations in the electrical distribution networks have been modernized or undergoing modernization processes with Eximprod projects base.

Eximprod strategy aims to strengthen the company position on the market and increase the capacity to tackle larger and more diverse project packages, in a market where all the beneficiaries of the electricity production, distribution, and transport sector demand from the design and consulting team much greater flexibility, better response time and technical solutions to support their activity and investment plans.


The portfolio of the department consists in: