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EnergynomicsTalks with Sabin Posea

Eximprod Gup General Manager,Sabin Posea gave an overview of the portfolio and shared Eximprod Grup’s vision for the process of […]

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Energynomics Awards 2019

Date 10.12.19

Category 25 years Energy Founders

Eximprod received the Lifetime Achievement Award

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Eximprod in the news

Date 14.08.19

Category 25 years Founders Innovation

Find out more about the major milestones of Eximprod in 25 years, the priorities for the coming years, lessons learned and main achievements, partnerships, challenges of the market – all these in an InvestmentReports interview with the founders of the company.

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Eximprod and Social responsibility

Date 22.07.19

Category 25 years CSR Energy

A future Simo or a future Nole could have been born at the TE U12 Open Buzau, July 2019.

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