Eximprod Grup S.A. has been renamed Eximprod Engineering S.A.

Date 10.01.22

Categories Energy Management

Eximprod Grup S.A. has been renamed Eximprod Engineering S.A.

Eximprod is a group of companies specialized in several areas of the energy industry: equipment production, design, consulting, turnkey projects, SCADA systems, software development, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy power plants.

Today we inform you that, starting with November 2021, Eximprod Grup S.A. becomes Eximprod Engineering S.A.

Please change the name in all your company’s systems from Eximprod Grup SA, CUI RO6482146 with the new name of the legal entity- Eximprod Engineering S.A. same CUI: RO6482146.

Timely updating of your systems ensures that any orders, invoices, and payments, starting with December 1, 2021, can be processed correctly.

The legal entity remains the same with all known tax details, only the company name will be changed.

All other identification data also remain unchanged.

The existing legal relationship between your company and Eximprod Engineering will not be transformed or modified, following to be carried out in the terms and conditions initially established, between the same parties.