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Imagine a completely digital grid that supports all use cases and enhances stability, reliability and security.

The challenge

The utility grids are transitioning with the deployment of distributed assets into highly digitized and bi-directional networks. The growing DER integration demand calls for improved grid operations, better forecasting and efficient investments.

Our approach

To help the industry transition faster, more efficient, and securely, Eximprod has developed a set of edge computing software solutions that run on a variety of hardware, such as Cisco IOx, AXC PhoenixContact, PickData EManager, Moxa ioThinks,  to enable secure monitoring and control capabilities of the distribution grids and integrate with  Utility ADMS / SCADA, power system applications and analytics applications.

Business needs

  • Operational Technologies environment visibility & control
  • Increase efficiency for maintenance operations
  • Integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER)


  • Quick deployment on several edge platforms
  • Interoperability with legacy systems
  • Low latency processing of local data
  • State-of-the-art security features
  • Simplified management


Key Features

  • Cyber Security based on Cisco: Enterprise-grade encryption, Firewall, VPN, App  signature verification
  • Runs on multiple hardware platforms: All  Cisco IOx-enabled industrial routers/switches /  compute nodes
  • Legacy Devices Support: Integrate multiple  devices over several protocols (I/O, Serial &  Ethernet)


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