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Eximprod started manufacturing the first 25 kV composite railway insulator in 2002, extending its railway product range that includes today:

  • Nine different types of composite insulators for dead end and catenary systems for 27,5 kV AC, including applications for high-speed railroads
  • Four different types of composite insulators for 3 kV DC railroads
  • Five types of composite insulators for railway disconnectors
  • Complete cantilever system for 3 kV DC and 27,5 kV including special designs for tunnel installation

There were delivered to European countries customers 200.000+ insulators that are working without any failure in Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Trenitalia, Alstom, Balfour Beatty Rail, Driescher, Siemens, CFR, COLAS RAIL, Kummler + Matter.

Available products and equipment:

  • Dead-end composite insulator for railways-ITS-CF X-X
  • Actuating composite insulator- ITS 25 kV
  • Long rod composite insulator for railways – ICS-CF
  • Post insulator feeder for contact line 25 kV- E72231
  • Single insulated crossarm for contact line 25 kV – 50Hz
  • Insulated steady arm tunnel for contact line 25 kV – 50Hz

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