Your Network is the Digital Future of Energy

ES200 is a software-defined Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) solution, running on Cisco IOx that enables multiple use cases in Utility Market, especially Energy Distribution. ES200 has the following features:

  • offers the ability to manage large scale IoT sensor data
  • operates and controls the distributed network infrastructure
  • allows the update and reconfiguration of the software functions
  • shares information with other third-party applications that run on the Cisco hardware
  • improves security and automation functionalities while allowing backward compatibility with legacy equipment

These are critical processes that deliver much value of automation in an integrated IT/OT environment.


Enhanced Connectivity and Deployment

Multiple SIMs to access in the VPN on 3G/4G
Smart Ports to connect Smart Meters or other serial equipment
GPS Timestamp for legacy equipment/protocols
Lan available to connect TCP/IP equipment

The deployment and version management of the ES200 application is integrated into the Cisco Fog Director. This creates the capability to manage large-scale projects of ES200.

If you want to find out more about how ES200 allows Utilities to rapidly deploy security features and business logic in their distribution grid click here to visit Cisco DevNet.

ES200 allows you to combine the Smart Grid applications with any solution in the Cisco Partner Ecosystem. It is designed to operate in secondary distribution substations, and electrical substations using secure communication and automation standards.

State of the art security

ES200 is based on Cisco IOx Security and addresses 4 major components:

  • Control plane (SSL/TLS, Industry Standard AAA);
  • Data plane ( IOS security features such as ACL’s, IPS, Firewall and many more);
  • Platform Infrastructure (API Security, Pluggable Auth Modules, App Signature Verification);
  • Application Security (cgroups, SMACK, SELinux, USERNS Capabilities).
  • Secure Authentication and TLS encryption for IEC 60870-5-104 following IEC 62351 parts 3, 5, 7 and 8

IoT Edge Computing

ES200 runs at the Network Edge, securely isolating SCADA Microservices from any other process. It enables the Cisco IOx devices to combine multiple functions as network connectivity, security, GPS localization, and SCADA RTU.

Data Processing

ES200 includes a Data Management Module based on the IEC61131 standard suite adapted for the control of different processes (e.g. local automation) using information from all of the protocols used. It enables visual programming with an easy drag-and-drop interface with blocks for operations and logic.

Open Protocols

  • IEC60870-5-104 (Master/Slave) (Secure authentication and TLS encryption based on IEC 62351)
  • IEC61850 Client
  • DNP3 (Master/Slave – TCP/Serial)
  • Modbus (Master/Slave – TCP/Serial)
  • OPC-UA (Client)
  • MQTT (subscriber/publisher)
  • LoRaWAN Application Server connections (Actility, Chirpstack, etc.)

Key Applications

  • Distribution of energy
  • Wind and photovoltaic power plants
  • Cogeneration, gas turbines
  • Smart Grid/IoT platform

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