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High Voltage


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In the high voltage equipment market, Eximprod became the first manufacturer of composite insulators up to 400 kV in Romania. The company started importing high voltage equipment from the late 1990s, which subsequently began to produce independently at the Ceptura factory.

Eximprod is an expert in producing equipment and implementing turnkey projects, with a portfolio that includes insulators and strings with 110-400 kV composite insulators, 110 kV station post insulators,110 kV interphase spacers,123 kV disconnectors, voltage, and current transformers and circuit breaker.

All of our equipment has been tested in internationally accredited laboratories and complies with European reference standards.

The high voltage equipment testing laboratory was completed in 2016 and allows testing of equipment with a nominal voltage of up to 132 kV.

Our company’s insulators portfolio includes:

  • Composite insulators for 110 – 400 kV overhead lines and substations
  • Composite post insulators for 110 kV disconnectors and busbar support
  • Interphase Spacers for 110 kV overhead line
  • Strings equipped with composite insulators for 110 – 400 kV overhead lines and substations


The 110 kV disconnectors are a competitive solution both for replacing existing equipment as well for new substations.

Types of 110 kV disconnectors:

  • With two/ with one / without earthing blades
  • Three phases/two phases/one phase
  • Parallel mounting/ inline mounting

The complete solution for 110 kV disconnectors retrofitting:

  • Replacement of the disconnector and operating mechanism while  retaining the existing support
  • Replacement of the main blades, the insulators, and operating mechanism and retaining existing support and kinematic
  • Replacement of the main blades and  insulators, while  retaining the existing support, operating mechanism and the kinematic

Eximprod surge arresters are single-phase, outdoor equipment, designed to protect 110 kV lines against overvoltages.

These equipment use metal oxide varistors.

Eximprod has a portfolio of high-voltage transformers for both current and voltage measurements. They are single-phase equipment, intended for outdoor installation in 110kV stations and can be used together with electricity meters in order to record energy consumption.

This is outdoor equipment intended for 110 kV electrical stations that can be ordered both in the three phases and the monophase.

Among the strengths of the product, we mention:

  • Rated current: 2500A \ 3150A (Composite \ Porcelain)
  • Short-circuit breaking current 40kA
  • Short-term allowed current: 40kA, 3s
  • Mechanical endurance class M2
  • Electrical endurance class E2

The laboratory for testing high voltage equipment allows testing of equipment with a rated voltage of up to 145 kV.

It has RBLM (Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology) accreditation and can issue a metrological verification bulletin for measuring transformers. It is used for testing of own equipment before packing and delivery, but also for testing instrument transformers from various customers (ABB, Siemens, etc). The reference standards for equipment requires manufacturers to perform the tests before delivering the products. Moreover, for the instrument transformers, it is necessary that the laboratory that conducts the tests must be RBLM (Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology) accredited.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Faraday cage
  • Lifting transformer 0-300kV, 750A
  • Reactors for compensating reactive energy
  • Measurement standard – current transformer
  • Measurement standard – voltage transformer
  • Partial discharge measurement system (Maximum capacitive load is 10.000pF)
  • System for testing the ferroresonance of the secondary instrument transformers
  • Bridges for measuring the ratio and angle errors in the instrument transformers

Available tests in the laboratory:

  • Dielectric rigidity testing
  • Measurement of angle and ratio errors for instrument transformers
  • Testing the ferroresonance of the secondary instrument transformers
  • Measurement of partial discharges for insulating environments